Letters to the Editor

‘Yes’ on Measure G

I love San Luis Obispo, as do many of our city residents. We will soon vote on Measure G, which will affect the well-being of our city — and all of us. I want our city to flourish —therefore, I present the following in favor of approval of Measure G:

1. The tax is, in effect, a continuation of a tax approved by our voters eight years ago. It is for a half-percent (half-cent on a dollar) added to state sales tax.

2. If approved, San Luis Obispo’s total sales tax rate will be equal or less than 90 percent of California cities (including most of our neighboring cities).

3. Approximately three-quarters of this tax will be paid by visitors to our city, which averages around $4.5 million per year.

4. Approval will enable our city to continue to provide a high level of service to our residents (especially streets).

5. Denial will inevitably lead to a decline in services — a step backward for our beautiful city.

Please vote “yes” on Measure G to enable our beloved SLO town to continue to be an outstanding city, one that we can be proud of and cherish.