Letters to the Editor

Atascadero’s failure

Joe Tarica’s column on Atascadero’s “leadership” (Oct. 5) had one error — he referred to our town as “a respectable municipality.” I’ve lived here 18 years, and that has never been true. The Wal-Mart debacle is just the biggest.

The council had already approved other concessions to Wal-Mart when they agreed to divide development costs 29 percent to Wal-Mart, 24 percent to bankrupt owner of the “Annex” land, and a whopping 47 percent to the city. That should have called for a hard dollar cap on the city’s exposure. Instead, our council chose unlimited exposure for their city and gave the developers hard dollar caps. No one with an IQ above room temperature would do that. The only silver lining? This came out before the election.

At the local level, we get the kind of governance we deserve. We must vote all of these incumbents out, in this election and the next one. Please vote for the other candidates — not O’Malley, not Sturtevant, not Moreno (Ms. Moreno was not on the council at the time, but she is on the “chosen” slate; she is funded by and represents the same people and her performance since joining the council bears this out).