Letters to the Editor

K-14 will fix streets

I urge all Grover Beach voters to mark their ballots with a “yes” on Measure K-14. This is the only way to ensure that all residential and major streets are repaired.

Currently, over 71 percent of Grover Beach’s streets are in “poor to failed” condition. For a city with the smallest general fund in the county, there simply is no other means to pay for the repairs. A block is estimated to cost $100,000, and there exist almost 45 miles of asphalt in Grover Beach!

The issuance of bonds will be a long-term process, and they can only be used for road rehabilitation. K-14 requires a citizen oversight committee that will be tasked to ensure the funds are being spent appropriately.

The investment will have a direct positive impact on our property values, will beautify the community and will attract investors. Did I say we will personally benefit with this investment? For homeowners who have enjoyed Proposition 13 protection, your investment will be much smaller; for the rest of us, the average investment over the 40-year period is about $16 per month for a property with an assessed valuation of $252,000 (this is the average for Grover). Please visit www.sosgrover   beach.com  .

Vote “yes” on Measure K--14!