Letters to the Editor

Second thoughts on Y

A month or two before the 2006 election, I wrote a letter to the editor. In that letter, I asked why Measure Y was for a half cent, and not more or less, and why it would sunset in eight years and not sooner or later. Pierre Rademaker was good enough to write a Viewpoint to answer my questions. Members of a citizens’ committee had decided that a half cent, a modest amount, for eight years would provide the right amount of money to repair the infrastructure issues which needed addressing. I voted for Measure Y.

Later, when I realized that people had been hired with money from the measure, I wondered whether the city intended to eliminate those employees at the end of eight years. Since the measure had primarily been sold on the basis that it would sunset in eight years, I never thought our council would vote to resurrect it as Measure G; gee whiz, wonder if we can fool them again?

Even though Measure Y money may have been well spent, the new council has, I believe, broken faith with the people of San Luis Obispo! I am disappointed with those who do not keep their word.