Letters to the Editor

Atascadero is thriving

Many recent letters would like to make you think Atascadero is going to lose millions of dollars over one simple overpass. This is conjecture and a ruse to stir up controversy.

The truth is, through the leadership of Tom O’Malley, Atascadero has thrived and saved millions on the rebuilding of the historic city hall and the overpass at Morro Road and Highway 101.

Regardless of the amount of money the city has saved, we must look at the bigger picture. Local businesses, police, fire and other government workers in the county all support the current City Council members.

When other cities were struggling during the recession, Atascadero grew. We are now seeing new homes being built, tourism growing and local tax dollars being used to improve the city. Most of all, I believe Tom O’Malley, Brian Sturtevant and Heather Moreno are three of the most honest, loving and hard-working council members the city has had in years. They are people of integrity and truly want what is best for Atascadero.

Let’s not get caught believing smoke screens and slander; instead, let’s focus on truth: Atascadero is thriving under the current City Council.