Letters to the Editor

Compton’s fresh face

Caren Ray’s committee of letter writers keeps repeating its tired mantra that Lynn Compton lacks “experience,” is “nonspecific” on the issues, and is too “ideological.” If that’s the best they can do, bring it on!

1. “Experienced” politicians are part of the problem, not the solution. Look how much experience Supervisor Bruce Gibson has. Ask yourself where he has gotten us? Lynn is a fresh face with an open mind with great effectiveness in business, a discipline so sorely needed in county government today.

2. “Nonspecific?” Not true. Just check her website, http://lynncompton.com, that contains very specific position statements on the issues affecting the South County and our county as a whole.

3. And “ideological”? Caren Ray is politically joined at the hip with Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson, two of the most dogmatic and preachingly ideological members of the board.

So when considering who to vote for in District 4, follow the money, the specifics and the ideology of Caren Ray. She talks a good game, but look at her campaign contributions. Vote for a smart and open mind. Lynn Compton is the one.