Letters to the Editor

Colamarino for council

Is development paying its way in Atascadero?

We’ve heard this mantra from elected city politicians for years, but the truth just came out about the Del Rio Road traffic mitigation numbers. Read the Oct. 5 Joetopia column.

Now, city taxpayers are in a pickle; how will the extra $7.5 million be paid to keep traffic flowing at the Del Rio exit? I say it’s time to vote out those who got us in to this mess and get clearer heads working on the problem.

As it stands, Wal-Mart’s contribution to the overpass improvements is going from 29 percent to ameasly 12.5 percent of this latest estimate; it could get worse once Caltrans starts giving input. I wouldn’t say Wal-Mart is doing its part to be a community partner.

How do we get out of this deal? No easy answers, but I’m not trusting the existing council to change its ways and do what’s right. I want someone with experience in contract negotiation, someone who foresaw this financial risk and opposed it. Yes, I’m talking about Len Colamarino.

Get out to vote on Nov. 4, or send in your ballot with the box checked for Len Colamarino for Atascadero City Council. We can trust Len to put taxpayers’ interests first.