Letters to the Editor

Double standard

The Oct. 5 Tribune has two articles concerning Katcho Achadjian and debates. One article states that he will moderate a debate between Lynn Compton and Caren Ray. The second article is about the assembly race between Achadjian and Heidi Harmon. Harmon has invited Achadjian to debate, but Achadjian says he is open to debate only if it is hosted by an independent third party.

Apparently Achadjian applies a double standard when it comes to debating an opponent. The same article states that Achadjian has accepted a campaign donation from Compton. He will moderate a debate that includes a political ally, but insists on an independent moderator for himself. That is adouble standard. I don’t understand why someone with 16 years in public office is unwilling to debate a firsttime candidate.