Letters to the Editor

Police for Compton?

So, the Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association is supporting Lynn Compton for supervisor. She is an avowed anti-tax candidate who, by extension, would be anti-union. And if she had the capability, she would likely be one of the first to dismantle retirement and pension benefits for public servants. Would she have backed recent bond measures in support of a new police station? Thus, their decision is rather baffling. They base this endorsement on their concern for community safety. To me, public “safety” is more than sound bite “law and order.” At the very least, it is clean air and water, surveillance for disease, traffic and building code enforcement and food sanitation. I suspect the endorsement has more to do with recent ax grinding in the city, and I hope the individual officers of my police department show more rational thinking than the organization that purports to speak for them.