Letters to the Editor

Letter was spot on

The Tribune has received a flurry of letters in response to my letter pointing out that when Pismo Beach City Council members running for re-election make the hairsplitting claim that they did not “approve” the Spanish Springs project, they are making a claim at odds with the fact that the Sierra Club had to sue the city to halt the project.

The letter writers have variously attempted to shoot the messenger and change the subject. In the only substantive portion of his reply, Councilman Waage wrote that he and his colleagues didn’t proceed all the way to pro forma project approval because they “had concerns over traffic congestion and water supply” (Oct. 1). The place to address those concerns was in the project’s environmental impact report. Instead, they voted to certify the defective EIR, thereby affirming the city’s legal requirement to identify, analyze and mitigate those impacts had been met.

Once you’ve baked the cake, you can’t credibly claim that because you haven’t yet frosted it, you haven’t decided what you’re having for dessert. That’s the claim Pismo Beach City Council members are making when they say they didn’t quite approve the Spanish Springs development.