Letters to the Editor

Oligarchy is a threat

A vibrant representative democracy depends on education, good information and voter participation. The most lethal poison for a vibrant representative democracy is oligarchy.

Oligarchs are driven by greed. They do not care about the commonwealth of the nation. They would be perfectly at ease with the nation becoming a giant cesspool, as long as they continue to accumulate wealth and power. Only a “state-of-the-art” electorate can succeed in stopping them.

The electorate, in this country, is composed of three groups:

1. The nutjobs on the left and the right. This group does not determine the outcome of elections.

2. Serious voters who do their homework before voting. This group does not determine the outcome of elections either.

3. Low-information, easily deceived and easily impressionable voters. This group determines the outcome of elections.

I have seen this movie for over 45 years. Will I see it again next November?