Letters to the Editor

No more of the same

Thanks for the two Viewpoints on Sept. 21 marking the passage of the historic Pavley-Dickinson Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, which dragged California into the 21st century in response to our groundwater crisis.

And thanks for pointing out elsewhere in the same paper that 4th District supervisory candidate Lynn Compton won’t say anything specific about where she stands on the water issue and won’t debate Supervisor Caren Ray unless her fellow Republican, Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, "moderates" the debate. We do know where Katcho stands: On the wrong side. He voted against Pavley-Dickinson and then wrote a letter to the governor urging him to veto it. Big Ag loves California’s pump-all-youwant, 19th-century water laws, and Katcho loves to deliver to the economic interests that pull his strings. Compton is shaping up as more of the same.

Thank goodness the voters have the option of electing two women of principle in November: Caren Ray for supervisor, and Heidi Harmon for Assembly.