Letters to the Editor

5 great qualities

In support of Caren Ray representing our 4th District on the board of supervisors:

1. She is a true representative of our district. She knows our community and has participated actively and impartially in the affairs of our district as a member of the Arroyo Grande City Council and our representative on the county Board of Supervisors.

2. Caren Ray has no vested personal economic interest in the outcome of this election.

3. Caren Ray is experienced and knowledgeable regarding local government. She knows that the Board of Supervisors has no authority to undo Proposition 13, even if it wanted to, and that older residents need not to have any fears of that happening as a result of any action taken by the Board of Supervisors. 4. Caren Ray opposes blanket deregulation of the activity of oil companies that would extend drilling and engage in fracking without thorough consideration of air and groundwater pollution by chemicals known to be hazardous.

5. Caren Ray has a welldeserved reputation for researching and listening to factual presentations of all sides before rendering a decision.