Letters to the Editor

It’s a witch hunt

Having followed the story regarding the fiasco in Arroyo Grande resulting in the resignation of Steve Adams, I remain utterly amazed at how a mountain has been made out of a mole hill. Had I realized things were going to go this far, this letter would have been written weeks ago.

I do not know Mr. Adams, but I do know Teresa McClish well, having first met her during her freshman year at Morro Bay High, where I taught her as a student and coached her as an athlete. She left with school records in both cross-country and track, accomplished through an incredible work ethic combined with natural talent. Returning to the area after college, she became a valued assistant coach in our program. We have stayed close friends since. Teresa is a person of absolutely impeccable character. She is a devoted mother and wife, someone that the city of Arroyo Grande is fortunate to have among its top level employees. When this “witch hunt” of an investigation is finally concluded, nothing will have been accomplished except a legacy of divisiveness, spending money that could have been used elsewhere more beneficially and the tarnishing of the reputations of two fine people.