Letters to the Editor

Pismo on right path

We first moved to Pismo Beach in 1985. At that time, this city was a funky little beach town, often the brunt of many jokes. Pismo Beach was the city that couldn’t shoot straight, unless shooting itself in the political foot counted. In that event, it never missed.

We’ve come a long way from that largely due to an enormous effort by the common folk (people like me and many, many others) and leadership with focus and integrity. Pismo Beach City Council meetings turned from piethrowing contests and insult arenas to a well-functioning, effective event. We all worked hard to achieve that status — one of a respected, thriving city. No one has worked harder for that achievement than our present council and mayor. No one.

Please keep Mary Ann Reiss, Kris Vardas and Shelly Higginbotham right where they are. The Price Canyon project has not been approved by the council.

Please don’t throw the proverbial “baby out with the bath water.”