Letters to the Editor

A foolish vote

Thank you, Joetopia, for the insightfulness displayed in your column, “Time for Atascadero to clean house.” Your detailed breakdown of the $7.5 million underestimate in the cost of street improvements for the Wal-Mart and Annex developments should be read before anyone goes to the polls on Nov. 4.

I attended Atascadero’s candidate forum on Oct. 1 and was appalled to find that none of Atascadero’s incumbents even addressed the cost overruns in their carefully scripted remarks. Instead, they all promoted a sales tax increase for street repairs, even though the tax increase is structured so that funds will flow into the city’s general fund rather than being earmarked for streets.

The group also was quick to rah-rah a recent $20,000 consultant-generated “vision statement,” even though no one revealed what that “vision” was. Incumbent Brian Sturtevant said he could find the vision statement “somewhere if he looked for it.” For $20,000, one would think the vision should be implemented rather than collecting dust on Mr. Sturtevant’s desk.

If anyone is foolish enough to vote for the current crowd at City Hall, our city’s future will be as murky as the muck that once was Atascadero Lake.