Letters to the Editor

Say ‘no’ to Ray

San Luis Obispo County supervisor appointee Caren Ray voted to weaken Proposition 13 in the effort to raise taxes in the entire state, including the county. Her vote was to instruct the contracted county lobbyist to advocate for the state legislature to once again weaken Proposition 13.

With the upcoming election, now is the time to say “no” to Ray’s efforts at raising taxes on our hard-working families by ending her appointment on our county Board of Supervisors.

As Californians, Proposition 13 is one of our most basic and effective protections against crippling tax increases seeing that it mandates a twothirds vote of the people in order to impose any new taxes on a local level. Ray’s voting record of diminishing and manipulating the basic protections of Proposition 13 make it clear that she is not afraid to bypass or go against the consent of the people before imposing taxes on them.

Lynn Compton has pledged to protect Proposition 13. We cannot let Sacramento gain any more influence over our county government. We need to vote for Lynn Compton on Nov. 4.