Letters to the Editor

Just the facts

Measure G is critical to preserving the things we love about San Luis Obispo. Arguments made by opponents ignore the facts.

Fact: Measure G is not a new tax or tax increase. It is a renewal of the tax approved by voters in 2006. If Measure G passes, SLO’s sales tax will remain the same as the past eight years and will be one of the lowest in the state (91 percent of the state pays 8 percent or more).

Fact: Without the addi tional revenue, many of the things we value about SLO would not have happened: 1,400 acres of new open space, bicycle and hiking trails, downtown police officers, a fire marshal, Mission Plaza improvements, Santa Rosa Skate Park, Senior Center remodeling. These projects were identified by citizens through a rigorous goal-setting process that is repeated every two years.

Opponents do not say which of these benefits they are willing to do without, or why they want to lose $6.5 million from the city’s annual budget — 75 percent of which is paid for by nonresidents.

SLO is not an average town, which is why we love it. Let’s keep SLO great by funding the things we value. Vote “yes” on Measure G!