Letters to the Editor

Community spirit

I don’t particularly like going door to door, interrupting meals and taking folks away from their favorite television shows. But canvassing for Measure D is different. I’ve yet to encounter someone who doesn’t care about our schools. The majority don’t even wait for me to finish before they respond, “I always vote ‘yes’ on school bond measures.”

It’s this kind of civic pride and willingness to sacrifice for the next generation that makes this a great place to live.

I don’t even get to the part where I explain that Measure D funds 21st century classrooms so our children can receive the kind of education that opens doors to world-class universities and high-paying jobs. And how that attracts new companies that can recruit employees with high educational expectations for their children. And how those employees spend money and help local businesses grow. And how homeowners win because the value of their homes increase. And how grandma and grandpa win because their children and their grandchildren can move here and find well-paying jobs and excellent schools.

Measure D is a winwin. Vote “yes” on Measure D.