Letters to the Editor

Proven character

I support Tom O’Malley to be re-elected mayor of Atascadero. The position of mayor is much more than ceremonial. The mayor serves as the leader of the City Council and is a member, along with the mayors of other cities in the county, on a wide variety of boards and committees.

The position of mayor requires the efforts of a committed individual who has the highest regard, not of self, but of the citizens of the community. Tom is an ethical person, an honest person and a reliable person. He is intelligent, enthusiastic and is a person of demonstrated responsibility.

The mayor must represent the citizens of Atascadero as a person of good character. Mr. O’Malley does this with a good sense of humor and a practical approach to problem-solving.

I can attest to his knowledge of Atascadero and his concern for the future of our town. He is a tireless advocate for the children, the adults and the senior citizens of our city. Tom is my choice to continue as mayor of Atascadero.