Letters to the Editor

A troubling divide

A political climate has been developing in San Luis Obispo’s City Hall I find disturbing. Differences of opinion between council members are bound to happen — and should.

However, the consistency of 3-2 splits and the tension that appears from time to time between certain council members and management personnel does not bode well for our city. These differences include Measure G, the General Plan update and Cal Poly’s regrettable freshman dormitory plan.

When asked in the League of Women Voters candidates’ forum whom they endorse for council offices, Mayor Jan Marx responded: Carlyn Christianson and Dan Rivoire; Candidate Christianson responded Marx and Rivoire; and Rivoire responded Marx and Christianson.

The correct response should have been, “I’m running an independent campaign and I promise, if elected, to work with whomever the voters select.”

Our city does not need political machines and divisiveness, but we do need council members who are willing to work for common objectives for a better San Luis Obispo and there is so very much to be done!

To this end, I am voting for Mike Clark and Gordon Mullen, who, I believe, will bring new, more mature and independent perspectives to the council, and for Mayor Marx in hopes she can smooth out divisiveness.