Letters to the Editor

The lake thanks you

So many of our Atascadero friends and neighbors turned out Oct. 4 to make the Second Annual Atascadero Lake Perimeter Cleanup a success!

We would like to thank those who helped make it happen: Rachelle Rickard, Warren Frace and all of the helpful Atascadero city management and staff, including Marcia Torgerson, David Athey, Bob Joslin, Doug Breeze, Tom Jamason, Israel Wingate and many more behind the scenes who helped us with permits and equipment.

And of course, the vision of Mayor Tom O’Malley, and the entire Atascadero council, has been instrumental in the ongoing process of renewing Atascadero Lake to its former glory. A special shoutout to Councilwoman Heather Moreno, who once again sweated right alongside us brush-clearing A-Lake friends!

Of course, so much more remains to be done, and we are excited about the future possibilities. We plan to continue to spruce up our beautiful lake’s viewshed, even after the lake refills (this winter, we hope!) and welcome anyone who cares about improving Atascadero’s “liquid asset.”

Keep an eye open for our next cleanup — sooner than next fall, we hope!