Letters to the Editor

Stop using fossil fuel

The recent hoopla over Diablo’s safe operation begs a rational view: Those believing Diablo is the most insidious creation of modern man — equal to the atomic bomb — must be in favor of the expanded use of fossil fuel for the production of electricity.

“Environmentalists” advocating wind, solar and conservation as a substitute for fossil fuel or nuclear power are ultimately doing the Koch brothers’ bidding. Big Oil knows wind and solar will never put them out of business; that is why they actually are in the “green energy” business; if only for PR reasons.

Big Tobacco’s playbook has been Big Oil’s guide: Propagandizing concern for public safety, while maximizing profit at the peril of civilization. The fact that both Big Tobacco and Big Oil are directly responsible for thousands of deaths, but continue to receive the blessing of our government with subsides and tax breaks demonstrates their stranglehold on our leaders.

The only hope for civilization as we know it is to stop using fossil fuel completely for energy. New Age nuclear plants would consume existing nuclear waste, offering the planet a cheap source of energy that will eliminate poverty, promote peace, and allow all the world’s people to thrive.