Letters to the Editor

Broken promises

Look who’s not endorsing Measure G!

When Measure Y came along in 2006, the city told the Sierra Club — and other enviros — much money would be used for acquiring an open space greenbelt surrounding the city. In return for that promise, the Sierra Club endorsed Measure Y, and their endorsement leveraged thousands of voters to vote for the sales tax, thinking the city would do good things with the money.

Meaningful use of Y funds for open space acquisition didn’t happen. Only about 3 percent of Measure Y’s $43 million went toward “open space,” and much of that for salaries, purchasing SUVs and other bureaucratic expenses — not for land acquisition. About 200-300 acres of land was actually purchased during the lifetime of Y — a tiny dent in the approximately 12,000 acres needing protection for a greenbelt —- a decrease, not an increase, from pre-Y years.

After being stung by those broken promises and abuse of its endorsement, Sierra Club hasn’t endorsed Measure G.

We shouldn’t vote for G. The city betrayed our trust by misusing Y funds.

Y is about broken promises. G will be more of the same.

Vote no on G.