Letters to the Editor

Pismo needs a change

The Tribune recently endorsed Shelly Higginbotham for mayor (“Pismo Beach mayor deserves to be reelected,” Sept. 28) because of her experience. How much experience does it take to accept a donation (Chapman House), and what exactly has she done since she became president of the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition? Has a place been found to locate the People’s Kitchen? No.

Let’s look at the other results of her experience, if we are going to give her the above credit:

$1.5 million to settle lawsuit for a fatality in front of Cliffs Hotel (and no safe crossing on Route 1 to Butterfly Grove).

Over $40,000 to Atheists United to settle a lawsuit they were warned could happen.

Three failed attempts to annex significant developments.

A climbing lane from Avila Beach that stops short of a logical end point.

Still “planning” revitalization of downtown area.

Less spending on street paving after approval of half-cent sale tax.

Plans to reimburse developer of Spanish Springs for tertiary water treatment plant but not putting that information on a grant application.

We need a new City Council and not 18 years more of the same kinds of decisions. Look at all of the facts before voting.