Letters to the Editor

Vote in new leaders

Ed Waage’s recent letter (“Council’s true efforts,” Oct. 1) is a weak attempt to cover up what really happened in Pismo Beach, claiming there is a “coordinated effort to distort” the facts.

The real distortion is the incumbent council members’ lock-step, disingenuous attempt to hide behind a technical detail to claim they voted against development north of the city. Check the facts of their 15-year history of consistently voting for development in spite of vocal opposition by their constituency, nearby residents, local groups and even other governmental agencies listing lack of water and infrastructure, among other objections.

What finally stopped this most recent development march was a lawsuit forcing the council to rescind the EIR (the foundation of a project opening the flow of all subsequent approvals), a referendum by the people of Pismo Beach and, finally, an upcoming initiative.

If not for this opposition, Spanish Springs would be well into construction by now as we face extreme drought, not to mention Los Robles del Mar would have been completed long ago.

We ask you to vote for Kevin Kreowski, Marcia Guthrie and Sheila Blake, who will listen to your concerns and then actually vote your concerns.