Letters to the Editor

Healthy skepticism

How can any latent socialists in search of a more perfect world pursue their desire to control that world when socialism has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried?

Fortuitously, up pops the global warming theory to present the necessary vehicle to justify imposing socialist-style dictates until worldwide uniformity is achieved.

But here’s the rub. For decades now, those alarming projections from the man-caused global warming community have been incredibly wrong. So, to keep the cause alive, advocates, recipients of grants and energy subsidies and politicians whose careers are supported by subsidy seekers are trying, in socialist fashion, to marginalize skeptics by labeling them “deniers.” Even The Tribune has used the tactic in an effort to right their wrong-headed readers.

It is wishful thinking, not scientific fact, that computer modeling of highly diverse and variable data can be accurately interpreted and risk factored to produce a reliable outcome about the relatively small atmospheric influences of human activity as compared to the unlimited forces of nature.

Let’s not denigrate legitimate and reasoned skepticism, nor stifle scientific peer review, nor equate honest doubt with a label that is most commonly associated with a psychological disorder and the holocaust.