Letters to the Editor

Issues that matter

We have been receiving mailers from the Lynn Compton campaign. Her two big issues are property rights and supporting agriculture (thus, big signs on large properties). Two important issues for sure, but not the most important ones for most South County voters. I want to know her positions on:

1. Particulate pollution: Will she support efforts to bring local state parks into compliance with federal and state air quality standards and Rule 1001? I have no idea.

2. Phillips 66 rail spur: She apparently supports this project because it creates jobs. Will she support affected residents by requiring that significant impacts be mitigated on site?

3. Water: As the county tries to comply with new water laws, will she support big ag and land interests over small homeowners? We need to know.

When voting for county supervisor, it is important to determine how each candidate supports important issues. Party affiliation has little to do with it. As a registered Republican, I won’t be voting for Lynn Compton in the November election. It seems Ms. Compton is the invisible candidate on important issues.