Letters to the Editor

GOP is inappropriate

Two articles printed recently in The Tribune and nationally speak to the inappropriateness of current Republican orthodoxy. One advised that our future economic wellbeing favors making major adjustments for sustainability rather than maintaining the rapacious thrust of our present fossilized economic model.

The other informed us that our state coffers suffer from the inequity of wealth distribution that is fostered by Republican-favored coddling of the rich and stinginess toward those in the boiler room of the economic engine. That’s because the extra-rich tuck their extra wealth into private cubbies where it does little to foster the common good. It doesn’t trickle down; it leaks away.

Still, our Republican Assembly representative votes the party ticket, denying baseline workers a better wage and favoring increasing the wealth of the wealthy over protecting our environment.

There is an alternative. Heidi Harmon represents a wiser approach that favors long-term livability and economic viability for our state and our world. Think globally, vote locally — Heidi Harmon for state Assembly!