Letters to the Editor

Real Pismo history

Ed Waage’s recent letter (“Council’s true efforts,” Oct. 1) is at best a disingenuous effort by a desperate coalition of pro-development individuals and the Pismo Beach City Council. If the incumbents are not re-elected on Nov. 4, Waage will be the lone remaining person on the City Council who aggressively pursued annexation of Spanish Springs, Los Robles Del Mar (“LRDM”) — twice! — and other poorly planned developments in Pismo Beach (Silver Shoals, Windward, behind OSH, next to Emerald Pointe in Shell Beach). And in the case of both Spanish Springs and LRDM, the primary beneficiary would be an out-of-town developer, not local residents.

This City Council has demonstrated no regard for the desires or interests of the people of Pismo Beach and the South County, except those actions which might contribute toward their own re-election.

The Pismo Preserve is one such example where Pismo Beach was a latecomer when the city should have been one of the primary proponents.

You, the voters in Pismo Beach, can change the future! Vote for Marcia Guthrie, Sheila Blake and Kevin Kreowski. A vote for Measure H would also be appropriate.