Letters to the Editor

No substance

I detest political parties attempting to “buy” an office by smothering local politics in expensive campaigns, especially without having a candidate of substance and experience.

I see this happening in the 4th District supervisory race in San Luis Obispo County.

Lynn Compton has no experience in public service, has no record on issues, won’t participate in public debates and is not willing to state a clear position on hard county problems. Yet her campaign is saturating the public with fear-based advertising, i.e., huge signs stirring fear about Proposition 13.

County supervisors have no ability to change Proposition 13!

Caren Ray has a record of service — first, by serving 18 years as a teacher, then as a planning commissioner, city council member and now as our county supervisor.

Caren daily proves her willingness to work hard and deal with complex issues. She is a problem solver — her stance on water issues as well as Viva Farms proves she’s willing to dig deep to uncover truth and bring all sides to the table. Caren Ray does her research, listens to all sides, and votes based on what is best for her constituents — all of us. Vote for Caren Ray.