Letters to the Editor

Beyond tipping point

For the climate change skeptics in the USA — we’ll call them deniers — consider the fate of your gene pool in 100 years. Living in a Mel Gibson-like “Mad Max” society where clean air and water are a rarity. Every urban area will become similar to Beijing, with individuals experiencing respiratory problems. Drinking water will be tainted in many areas, especially where fracking operations and coal tailing storage sites are located.

Business as usual is not an option.

Climate change scientists have actually taken the stance that we are beyond the “tipping” point.

Reference an excerpt from James Lovelock’s book, “The Revenge of Gaia”:

“When we burn fossil fuel for energy we are, in qualitative terms, doing nothing more wrong than burning wood. Our wrongdoing, if that is an appropriate term, is taking energy from Gaia hundreds of times faster than it is naturally made available. We are sinning in a quantitative, not a qualitative way.”

The argument that jobs are lost is countered with new jobs created in manufacturing solar-, wind turbine- and biomass-fueled power plants, in construction and operations, and in harnessing wave power, methane gas from landfills, farming biomass, etc.