Letters to the Editor

No time to waste

Californians are desperately hoping that the predictions for an El Niño rain season come true to replenish reservoirs and aquifers and return our state to normal. After all, getting our most precious natural resource provided to us by rain is the best and most natural way to quench our thirst, water our cattle and crops and serve our hygiene needs.

But, what if it doesn’t rain as optimists predict? If I may ask this question: “Do our agencies have a backup plan, besides conservation and a rain dance?” Will Californians die of thirst living right next to the Pacific Ocean?

Consider the mothballed Morro Bay Power Plant and/or San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station as sites to be converted to desalinization plants. They have intake pipelines from the ocean, massive power supplies and industrial footprints already established. The Morro Bay plant has natural gas pipelines that could be extended and used to carry fresh water inland. Transport the salt byproduct to the Midwest to melt snow from highways.

Don’t waste time praying for rain. Use proactivity, technology and creativity to defeat the drought. Californians should work together as bipartisans with one goal: A drought-resistant water supply system.