Letters to the Editor

How many more?

If one reads between the lines and hears the most infrequent news announcements, one learns interesting facts.

For example, when mulling over Barack Obama’s declarations of further bombing of Middle East countries, e.g., Syria, one wonders why America entered into endless war in 2003 by bombing Iraq and taking out its strong tribal leader, Saddam Hussein. This action destroyed the infrastructure of the country and left it in ruins. The same is true of Libya. Now ISIS is free to take over.

Again, while remembering the victims of 9/11 and the so-called terrorist attacks, one learns that some 30,000 first responders and volunteers are suffering from debilitating diseases from having breathed in the dust of the exploded buildings. The United States government, which, through the EPA, assured the people it was safe to breathe at the time, does little to nothing to help the people in their hour of misery. How many more “fallen” will we be remembering?