Letters to the Editor

Council’s true efforts

Andrew Christie’s recent letter (“Rewriting history,” Sept. 26) is the latest in a coordinated effort to distort what happened when our Pismo Beach City Council refused to approve the Price Canyon development known as Spanish Springs. He also ignores our council’s efforts to improve our downtown and to help acquire open space.

Like many of our residents, we had concerns over traffic congestion and water supply in the proposed development. We did not approve either the development agreement or the specific plan because of these concerns. Without a development agreement and a specific plan, there is no project.

Our council then turned its attention to one of our top priorities, which is fixing up the downtown. We embarked on a major effort, with input from our residents and businesses, to develop a strategic vision as a blueprint to guide our future efforts. We are now implementing that vision.

Finally, our city was a major donor to the Land Conservancy to help purchase the Pismo Preserve, which creates 900 acres of open space adjacent to the city.

For these and other reasons, I ask you to vote for Shelly Higginbotham, Mary Ann Reiss and Kris Vardas on Nov. 4.