Letters to the Editor

Give back to Cuesta

Cuesta College is a priceless asset to our county. My family’s history with Cuesta exemplifies the exceptional educational opportunities Cuesta has offered through the years and continues to offer today.

As an older, returning student, Cuesta’s faculty gave me the confidence and skills to graduate from Cuesta and Cal Poly and teach locally. My son graduated from Cuesta and went on to earn a master’s degree. My granddaughter graduated from Cuesta, my daughter and grandson attended, and my greatgrandchildren love College for Kids and swimming lessons. In my retirement, I enjoy the continuing-education classes, cultural events and aqua kinetics.

Thousands of families have had Cuesta experiences similar to mine. Indeed, Cuesta has served all of us well for several generations; now it needs our help. The 40-year-old buildings need crucial upgrading to replace aging electrical systems, plumbing, etc. Upgrades to technology infrastructure, and to computer, science and math labs, are needed. Outdated portable classrooms have to go, necessitating new classrooms. A “yes” vote on Measure L, Cuesta’s tax initiative, will keep this valuable asset available for all of us. It’s time to give back to Cuesta.

Vote “yes” on Measure L.