Letters to the Editor

A force of nature

I was proud to march in the climate change parade on Sept. 21. I felt part of the much greater movement that involved millions of people around the globe.

Also, I was very honored to be marching with 35th District Assembly candidate Heidi Harmon. Heidi’s knowledge and dedication to environmental issues distinguishes her from her opponent. I’m very impressed with her commitment to work on local solutions for not only climate change, but also the myriad water and energy problems facing us and the next generations.

These midterm elections may be the most important in our planet’s history. The decisions we make in the next few years may very well determine humankind’s survival. We must let the polluters know that they can’t buy our future. Please register to vote if you haven’t already done so. Voting is the most important civil right and civic duty you have. When you vote, vote for Heidi Harmon, a true force of nature.