Letters to the Editor

Sharing the road

Every day, people driving bicycles break the law, and they should be cited. Every day, people driving cars break the law, and they should be cited.

Can we recognize that every one of us who shares the road is just another person? We don’t have to think that it’s us versus them. It’s all of us, together, just people, each of us choosing his or her own way of getting from here to there.

People on bicycles: Please, share the road and obey the laws. People in cars: Please recognize that virtually every person you see on a bicycle is also a car driver and pays road taxes.

One thing that I think about when I drive my bicycle — if a person in a car leans over to change the radio station and runs into me, three things are going to happen:

1. The person driving the car is going to live.

2. I will be badly hurt or killed.

3. The person driving the car will be fined.

So please, when you drive your car, think of that. A moment of inattention can change lives forever. “Please be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”