Letters to the Editor

Leave it to locals

Interesting. So now Andrew Christie and the Sierra Club are taking credit for telling the city of Pismo Beach what to do in Price Canyon? (“Rewriting History,” Sept. 26) Can anyone tell me whether Christie is doing this on his own, or does the Sierra Club Board of Directors actually believe and support his most unique perspective on this local issue?

Pismo Beach has had expansion into Price Canyon in its General Plan for the better part of 25 years — long before the Save Price Canyon NIMBYs moved to town. Certainly long before the Blake committee wrote up Measure H. In 2013, all five council members voted to certify the environmental impact report.

Andrew and the Sierra Club’s claim that Price Canyon “remains unbuilt because of their settlement agreement” is absurd, itself a transparent attempt to rewrite history; a blatant attempt to bolster anti-City Council candidates Sheila Blake, Marcia Guthrie and Kevin Kreowski; and offensive to the careful consideration and thoughtful efforts of city officials and concerned citizens over the past seven years.

And to this last point, “concerned local citizens” of Pismo Beach should be making these decisions. Sierra Club and your paid staff, please stay out of our city’s issue.