Letters to the Editor

Long-term vision?

The Tribune’s pick of candidates for San Luis Obispo City Council missed the big picture: to maintain the long-term strength of what has made the city “the happiest place in America” — its civil society with a stable base of residents who live and work here, including volunteer community activists serving on advisory bodies and organizers who initiate improvements that serve the entire community.

Instead, The Tribune picked candidates who, like city planners and Chamber of Commerce officials, are well-spoken and broad-minded, but who put their highest priority on increasing tax revenues and more commercial development on the outskirts of the city, and downtown and residential development that caters to younger consumers — students and tourists, for example.

The top priority for the city and its planners should be to preserve and restore a family-friendly lifestyle, particularly in its well-established residential neighborhoods, which, in some cases, unfortunately have instead “studentified” in recent decades. Otherwise, the city risks losing its base of permanent residents committed to the values of living and working here.

My preferred candidate, Col. Mike Clark, fully understands this priority. I also like Gordon Mullin’s insights and passion for fixing studentification problems.