Letters to the Editor

Conflict of interest

How ironic it is that Caren Ray would criticize Lynn Compton’s fundraising theme while taking thousands of dollars in contributions from the developers in this county. Now that’s a subject worth reporting by The Tribune!

Ray has taken $52,800 to date from powerful developers. And that amount is growing, now that developers have realized that giving money to Ray helps get projects through the county, now and in the future if she wins this race. One developer, Gary Grossman, and his employees, contributed $25,000. Ray’s money is not coming from Main Street, it is coming from Developer Row! All this development in a time when we have no water solutions. Ray is not looking out for us; she is looking out for developers.

Ray’s treasurer Kathie Matsuyama should stick to her job by making sure contributions aren’t accepted that reflect conflicts of interest, rather than seeking ridiculous underhanded ways to discredit Compton who is garnering growing support. We have bigger issues in this county to tackle than Matsuyama’s political correctness lessons. Let’s elect Lynn Compton on Nov. 4!