Letters to the Editor

The right experience

The San Luis Obispo County clerk-recorder’s June primary election results were, I believe, a reflection of an uninformed populous. I polled friends and neighbors: few could explain the office, a handful realized this office had candidates in the June election, and no one knew that all clerk-recorders are deputized. The title of “deputy” is therefore, indeterminate.

The one person not referred to as a deputy clerk is Tommy Gong, and that is because he is the sole assistant clerk recorder. He is second-in-command to county Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald and reports directly to her. How do I know that? I emailed her and she answered my question about the hierarchy of her department staff. Tommy Gong has nearly 10 years of experience in supervising the staff and assisting Julie Rodewald in managing the elections, budget, technology and other responsibilities of this well-run office.

Please cast your vote on Nov. 4 for the proven experience and solid leadership that only Tommy Gong, assistant clerk-recorder, can bring to the office of county clerk-recorder.