Letters to the Editor

Vague ideology

Lynn Compton’s rigid ideology is totally unsuited to a nonpartisan office whose primary responsibility should be the well-being of constituents, not party dogma. Compton seems very comfortable espousing platitudes about the evils of big governments, excessive regulation, etc., but seems vague about what, if anything, she proposes to change at the county level.

She speaks in glittering generalities totally lacking in specifics and substance. It appears as if she is but a wannabe political rookie attempting to buy the office with her prodigal campaign expenditures and offensive sign pollution.

We do not need a supervisor in the 4th District paralyzed by partisanship and unwilling to compromise.

Caren Ray, on the other hand, is non-ideological, works hard, makes an effort to understand an opposing point of view, and keeps the best interests of her constituents in the forefront. Ray has demonstrated the requisite skill set necessary to succeed as our 4th District supervisor.