Letters to the Editor

Let’s make a change

The November election is truly a critical time for determining Pismo Beach’s future. The opportunity to finally give residents a say in what happens in our city is at hand. Are you tired of having your wishes ignored by the City Council? Of having new developments appeased to the extent that existing property owners’ rights are ignored? Of the council approving projects such as Spanish Springs/Price Canyon, which would have had detrimental effects on our quality of life, created costly urban sprawl and worsened traffic on Highway 101 and local streets? Not to mention further jeopardize our water supply? Did you buy your house adjacent to open space, later to have it rezoned for development?

The opportunity to change things has been a long time coming. The current council appears to be in lockstep with developers at our expense, and has had a stranglehold over our city’s future, despite the people’s expressed wishes. If you want things to be different, to have a say in your own future, and the futures of your children, vote, “yes” for H-14, Marcia Guthrie, Sheila Blake and Kevin Kreowski. We know what we have isn’t working — let’s make a change.