Letters to the Editor

Measure offers benefits

I strongly urge San Luis Obispo city voters to support Measure G on the November ballot. Measure G is the follow-up needed to extend the half-cent sales tax voters overwhelmingly supported eight years ago as Measure Y.

We got our money’s worth! I know that from my work on the advisory committee that analyzed spending of Measure Y funds and saw the many benefits we reaped from those dollars.

I am an accountant by profession and have worked as a controller for 42 years. I analyzed the numbers, and was impressed with the city’s stewardship of the funds. That is why I am again supporting this modest sales tax to continue the benefits to our infrastructure and essential services. The capital improvement plan, which includes is but not limited to open space, bike paths and road and drain repair will be supported by the funds from Measure G.

The opponents say the money from Measure Y was wasted on city employees and rich pensions. That is simply not true, as you will see if you study the facts on the website. www.citizensForG.org   or http://www.cityslo.org. Measure G deserves our support to keep SLO great!