Letters to the Editor

No vote for Compton

I want to thank The Tribune for the great article on the 4th District supervisor race. I was not aware that Ms. Compton was not interested in debating as it gets near Election Day. I understand why though. When your positions are paraphrasing — if you like what Paul was doing vote for me, I am for property rights and I am for creating jobs — you have really stated your position as well as you are able to.

I received her questionnaire in the mail and decided to answer it publicly regarding the “yes” or “no” question on the Phillips 66 rail project which ended with the phrase, “do you support the rail project — it will create jobs!” The question I have for you, Ms. Compton, is jobs for whom? The residents of Trilogy get our “good neighbor” fliers from Phillips 66 regularly, and all the kids getting scholarships seem to go to Santa Barbara County high schools. Who do you want to create jobs for? Santa Barbara County?

I urge all 4th District residents to vote for the candidate who has done their homework. I voted for Ruth in ’82, Jim in ’86 and Katcho, too. But I can’t vote for Compton.