Letters to the Editor

Follow U.K.’s example

The Wall Street Journal headlined Scotland’s recent vote to not separate from Great Britain as a “Power Shift in U.K. (that) Threatens Further Slide on the World Stage.” But is this implied power orientation correct? The WSJ’s perspective is that “By devolving powers to its four nations, the U.K. moves further from its roots as a unitary state and, some argue, risks stoking further secessionist sentiment.”

To the contrary, we would argue that this democratic vote was a positive evolution facilitating a more equal distribution of power between the states of Great Britain. We must now congratulate David Cameron, the U.K. prime minister, for recognizing this and offering to share appropriate power with Scotland rather than taking punitive measures against it.

Consider how much better this is than the current Middle East situation, where conflicts between central governments and would-be rebels deteriorate into suppression, war, cutting off heads and other crimes against humanity rather than a democratic vote to settle power issues. Let us all learn and practice the profoundly positive lessons of this enlightened evolution toward the better angles of human nature by talking together and sharing rather than bullying and fighting in our personal lives as well.