Letters to the Editor

Protect the wild lands

Some may doubt anything good ever happens in Washington, D.C., but I just returned from Wilderness Week in our nation’s capital and can attest that our democracy survives, and in fact, thrives.

Joining about 125 wilderness advocates from every part of the country, I enjoyed a great week of learning and sharing and talking with our representatives in Congress about protecting our most valued wild lands as wilderness. Wilderness is different from other forms of land protection. Wilderness is forever, so the bar is set high to designate these special wild places.

The Central Coast Heritage Protection Act is one of about two dozen wilderness bills pending in Congress, and will preserve over 250,000 acres of additional wilderness throughout Los Padres National Forest and the Carrizo Plain, 150 miles of wild and scenic rivers and establish the 400-mile Condor National Recreation Trail. Central Coast residents of all backgrounds recognize that designated wilderness helps our local economies and ensures the continued availability of the many recreational opportunities available in the outdoors . Join me in urging our legislators to use the rest of this Congress to make a lasting impression on our most treasured wild lands. Protect them as wilderness.