Letters to the Editor

More manipulation

Another war. This time, it’s justified by the horrible beheadings of two American reporters. But is this the real reason?

It’s always been something: “Savage” Indian attacks, a battleship mysteriously explodes in Havana harbor, the Lusitania is torpedoed, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, ethnic cleansing, the Twin Towers are hit, etc. Always a horror story, often of dubious origin and nature — or outright lies as we find out later — never really examined, but only pumped up as “Big Lie” propaganda. Do you really believe that all the war drums are about two reporters, taking their own risks in a dangerous and violent area, who are horribly killed? Reporters have been killed before in such places, but it was never used like this. Now it becomes the “fate of civilization is at stake.”

Don’t drink the Kool Aid! Don’t take the poison pill! They are manipulating you again. Remember “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq? Don’t let them herd you into being mindless followers in support of their imperial expansionist aims. It’s about oil and geopolitical control, plus testing their military hardware — again. It’s not about two reporters who suffered admittedly barbaric executions. The forces they support do the same things — just recently, in fact.