Letters to the Editor

Where are the patrols?

In The Tribune article regarding military in the neighborhood, it states that the SLO Police Department has received “funding for overtime for neighborhood and downtown foot patrols.”

The only foot patrols that I have ever seen are on downtown streets. Is the downtown business district the only neighborhood? Why do I not see foot patrols in Alta Vista and Monterey Heights on drunken weekends?

If the police can’t afford to give neighborhoods the foot patrols that they need, why did the police not speak up and ask Cal Poly for mitigation funds for the 1,475 freshmen student dorm project proposed adjacent to Alta Vista and Monterey Heights neighborhoods?

Why didn’t the police use Measure Y funds? On the city Web page, it states, “The added revenue from Measure Y supports major improvements in the key areas our community expressed concerns about: Improving public safety service levels, with an initial emphasis in police services on neighborhood patrols and traffic safety ”

We are now eight years into Measure Y and haven’t seen this “major improvement.” Where did that money go? Are the police relying on Measure G funds to finally provide adequate mitigation? “Fool me once,” as the saying goes.